C4 Local & Remote Monitoring

C4 Controller | Smartrise Engineering

Technical Specifications

Smartrise’s C4 Local Monitoring uses the technology inside every Smartrise elevator controller to automatically collect detailed information about minute-to-minute operations, system events, faults, and operating statuses. More than just a passive database tool, C4 Local Monitoring can be easily configured to automatically contact your workstation whenever a problem arises.


  • Automatically alert workstation
  • Retain records of building elevator traffic
  • View or print report screens
  • Save historical data to XML files
  • Log maintenance activity
  • Collect, store, and recall system information for performance analysis or other needs.

Preconfigured Reports

  • Hall Call Performance
  • Hall Call Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Hall Call Log
  • Car Call Log
  • Event Log
  • Percent In Service

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