SmartConnect is our Inspection Box located on the top of the car, it comes pre-wired which allows for ease of installation via a Cat-5 cable. SmartConnect seamlessly integrates with our Smartrise Traction and Hydraulic controllers.

Technical Specifications
Fire Service (Buzzer& Jewel): Easy to install inspection box
Top-Mounted Alarm Bell: Top-of-car
Dimensions: 12″L x 4.1″H x 6″D
Enclosure Rating:
Ceramic incandescent light bulb socket
3-Prong electrical cord duplex outlet GFCI, 15A 125 VAC
Pre-drilled mounting holes
0.3 inch diameter plastic service lamp guard
Optional Accessories
Metal service lamp guard
Pushbutton and switch safety guards
Permanently-attached work light
Enclosure rating: NEMA 4, 4x, 7, 12

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