Product Components


Machine room controller Car top controller COP controller Floor selector with tape, mounting brackets & magnets Driver for PI’s Rope brake interface (traction only)


Group controller

Group Redundancy

Two SRU boards in group controller

Interface to Hall Lanterns

SR-1000 Hall board for every hall lantern

Hospital/EMT Service

SR-1000 hall board for every Hospital/EMT Service switch

Expansion board

I/O expansion for SRU Boards

Dual COP

More than one COP with its own SRU board

NEMA 4, 4x & 12 PKG for Hydro, Traction, XL

Changes the enclosure from a NEMA 1 to a specified upgraded NEMA on: Machine room, Car top, A/C unit, DBR(traction only), Inspection station (if we supply), Landing system.

Rope Brake 1/2

3/8” to 1/2” ropes and 5.25” spread 7-3/4” Brake pad width 1:1 Max. 500 FPM & 5500 LBS 2:1 Max. 350 FPM & 11000 LBS

Rope Brake 5/8

1/2” to 5/8” ropes and 7.75” spread 7-3/4” Brake pad width 1:1 Max. 1200 FPM & 7500 LBS 2:1 Max. 600 FPM & 15000 LBS

Smart Connect Package USA & CANADA

Prewired inspection box with C5 connection to low voltage, and din rail connections for high voltage, for respective countries.

Infant Detection System

Interface for Patient Wandering Prevention devices


Voice annunciator unit with speakers.

Lift-Net Machine Room Monitoring

Computer & interface. Software by Integrated Display Systems

SmartView Machine Room Monitoring

Computer & interface. Software by Smartrise

SmartView Lobby Monitoring

Desktop computer & interface. Software by Smartrise

SmartView Remote Monitoring

Desktop computer. Software by Smartrise

Cross Registration

Smartrise interface to newer (microprocessor) controllers


Smartrise interface to older (discrete) controllers

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